Pickle*Pushing No-Float Jar*Packer

What is fermentation and why use our product line?

  Fermentation is the process of preserving foods with the aid of lacto-bassilus bacteria which is airborne and present on all foodstuffs. Remember the olde style dill pickles with that tart twang? They ARE made by packing cucumbers in a brine solution of un-iodized salt with dill weed, garlic and additional flavoring and get their unique tartness and sourness from lactic acid. The brine helps repel undesirable elements from gaining a foothold while the lacto bacteria do their job of converting sugars in the vegetable into lactic acid. This acid is important as it prevents other forms of yeasts and molds and bacteria from being able to thrive in the now converted brine!

  Today's pickles are mostly made by packing in vinager and adding spices. Vinager is much more costly than the brine used to make the old fashioned ones. Another benefit of using the lacto bacteria method of preservation is that the bacteria themselves have been deemed as healthful by supplying flora for ones digestive tract! Some nay sayers claim that one would have to eat gallons of the product to get the same benefits one would get from todays modern probiotic pills but all agree that even a little is better than none. The revival of the these once common everyday arts has swept the nation as we become more health consious and once again realize the value of having control over the additives and nutrition of our foodstuff. Many improvements and process's have popped up to address the problems and requirements a successful fermentation and canning system should possess. The main areas where control items are needed are as follows. It can be safely said that our fermenting kits and system are the best and most modern.