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Small batch VS Crock


Small batch fermenting is the way to go IF your goal is to provide probiotic rich live food to your family's diet. The reason for this is that you can do smaller batches on a regular basis WITHOUT having to do a long term storage heated process which will kill the live flora in your contents. If you were to store the contents in your ice box from a typical crock batch you would have a lot of room taken up!

Small batch fermenting is the way to go IF you are still trying out a new recipe or just have a limited quantity available. Times like when your garden is not up to full production or late in the year when it is petering out. Or for those leftover veggie plates that traditionally wither away in the fridge.

The ideal way to use the small batch home fermenting system is to make small batches based on your family's usage. Then make just that amount at a time!

Crocks are great if your main goal is to preserve your garden's produce. This usually means some sort of long term canning process. While it will kill your probiotics, the taste and food value is still a lot higher than those regularly canned produce and are more economical as well.

Crocks are the way to go if you really really know you like your recipe! They allow a one time mess in the kitchen with the reward of a large batch suitable for home canning.

Either way you go , you need the right equipment. Our system is the best for small batch fermenting. Priced right and it will do the job of reducing exposure to the atmosphere and airborn attack by bad molds and will effectively keep your contents below the brine! ..... No bragging at all!

We are concidering making an investment in a crock as well and will most likely have on made by Mark Campbell who sells on his Facebook page and in the WFU Fermies Market on Wild Fermentation Uncensored Facebook group page. There are a number of good artists there and the way we feel, if you are going to start a family tradition of passing down your crock to future generations, at least have it personalized :)

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