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Shipping and Return Policy For Ultimate Pickle Packer LLC website and store

Our company policy is to represent it's products in a timely and honest format. This starts from the manufacturer or wholesaler with whom we do business.
We state here all facts as factual according to the manufacturer who are told the desired materials and process to use which will meet our demands.

We guarantee the items you buy are free from known defects will arrive at your destination safely excluding obvious mishandling by delivery service. In that case the postal service will become involved.

Figuring shipping in a shopping cart environment is hard to say the least. When shipping is calculated, the cart will add an estimated shipping charge based on your desired shipping method. In some circumstances, this amount is over the actual charge. All over-charged funds will be refunded through your PayPal account.

In the event you do not like this method, please contact us in email or telephone for immediate assistance in placing your order.

You have a 30 day money back guarantee but are required to return the items in a sanitary condition and to pay the return postage. This time frame starts from the date that delivery is confirmed by the shipping company who delivered your package.

Should a package arrive visibly damaged, you have the option of not accepting the package and notifying us. Your money will be refunded OR another shipment sent out once package has been received here. A picture would greatly help in our attempt to get justice from the postal service!

Every effort is used to reduce shipping and handling charges while maintaining high and successful standards of safely shipping your items. You will be supplied with a tracking number. Delivery is considered complete when shipping company declares delivery.

Should you have a question about shipping to places other that the USA and Canada, please contact us and realize that shipping outside of our area is very expensive and we have no control over the cost whatsoever.

To report damage contact us by email at;
sales [at] ultimatepicklejar [dot] com


Pickle*Pushing No_Float Jar*Packer Fermenting System

SHort video showing how to use the Pickle*Pushing No_Float Jar*Packer Fermenting System

Posted by Ultimate Pickle Jar System on Friday, April 2 , 2016

Pickle*Pushing No_Float Jar*Packer used on 1/2 gallon Ball jar

A short video showing just what the Pickle*Pushing No_Float Jar*Packer can do. IF you can find something that will work like it .. let us know!

Posted by Ultimate Pickle Jar System on Friday, April 2, 2016
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