Pickle*Pushing No-Float Jar*Packer

  • "Who we are and why we are here!"

    Hi, we are Mike and Sheila, a couple of middle agers who both enjoy gardening, fishing, puttering with tools and outdoor life. We had started harvesting our garden and decided we wanted to make "Olde Fashioned Pickle Barrel Dill Pickles". Sheila was an experienced home canner and said she had always used a vinagar recipe. We goggled the recipe and instead found a totally new procedure! Seems these old style pickles were made simply by immersing in a spicy salt water brine and allowing to ferment! We also found that making saurkraut is the same fermentation process. More googling resulted in us having to order a load of equipment and also we discovered the health benefits of fermentation,

  • To make a long story short, we learned instantly that traditional weights did not work effectively. They were awkward to use, broke, sank, leaked, chipped and all failed to hold the contents under the brine. When we did have to work our ferments, another phase of inadaquacy appeared for the weights! They were a nightmare to work around! Again they sank, blocked access to the brine surface. So we "went to brainstorming" and our system concept was born.

  • We contacted 2 mechanical draftsmen and after the first round of design went with Steve Plotner as he lived closer and was totally hyped with the project. Our final design was much improved as were the materials choosen for construction. We decided on 316 stainless steel and FDA grade BPA free silicone. A perfect combination offering long service life and no health problems.

    Now we can offer a no weight small batch home fermentation that will effectively hold jar contents under the brine and offer totally unobstructed access to the brine surface for easy cleanup. By continuing to adjust the system downwards into the jar, you can greatly extend the shelf life of your ferment once fermenting is over and short term storage has started!.


    Mike Harmon and Sheila Jernigan

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