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6 Pack of Pickle-Pushers mason jar fermenting weights only


Date Added: 08/09/2018 by Submitted By Email
Quoting Steven Sxxxxx <sxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com>: > I recently placed Order Number 424 and I'm looking forward to > receiving and using your product! > > > I'm writing this email to tell you how impressed I am with your > honest company - you refunded $1.50 in shipping costs to me. You > could have easily not refunded that money and I would be none the > wiser. However, the fact that you did so did not go unnoticed and it > tells me I made the right choice in choosing your product and company. > > > As above, I'm looking forward to my (much improved, thanks to your > product) fermenting. And when I have the opportunity, I plan to > recommend the Pickle Pusher and ultimatepicklejar.com to everyone > that I can. > > > Thanks again. > > -Steve...

Date Added: 11/02/2016 by Andrea Rolston
Hi Mike, Please use my review, w/ or w/o photos, as you please. All the best, Andrea I've been using Pickle Pushers for a couple of months and am very pleased with them. They work well with quart sized Masons and I especially like them for 1.5 pint jars, which are straight from top to bottom, because they will sit tight at any height in the jar, with or without the plunger. Another great way to use the pushers is for sprouting mung beans, which produce fatter sprouts if under pressure. Soak the beans over night, then place the Pickle Pusher in the jar tight against them and rinse, leaving to drain at an angle. Rinse twice daily, moving Pickle Pusher slightly higher up the jar each time, maintaining pressure but allowing a bit of space for them to grow. Nice fat sprouts after just a few days!...

Date Added: 08/15/2016 by Jim Bonifield
I was searching the web for a set of weights for submerging sauerkraut when I found the "no float" jar packer from Ultimate Pickle Jar. I immediately ordered some and they shipped immediately. I was not disappointed when they arrived and found that they worked as advertised. I am very happy with the product and the price....

Date Added: 08/14/2016 by Nicole Novak
I've been fermenting on and off for almost 30 years, but have seriously dived in to lacto-fermentation in the last couple years in a VERY BIG way. One of the most trying aspects of this type of fermentation is the requirement that your product must stay beneath the brine so that annoying and even dangerous mold doesn't ruin your ferment. There are plenty of excellent airlocks on the market, but what has eluded me until now is the perfect weight. It must not only keep your product submerged, it also has to prevent small bits of your ferment from sneaking past the weight. I love true pickles, and one of the biggest problems is finding something that will keep the pickles submerged even after they are in the fridge. The Pickle*Pusher solves ALL of these problems. The Pusher perfectly sits on top of your ferment, the adjustable rod keeps it centered and at the right level and when you are done with the fermentation process, the Pickle*Pusher can be left in the jar to keep your ferment submerged from top to bottom as you eat your way to empty. They are very affordable, too. If you are like me and have LOTS of jars in the fridge you can protect all of them from oxidation and spoilage. The products are built to last, too. I am SO very happy to have discovered Pickle Packer. I ordered the 6 pack and have ordered more! Customer Service is excellent, too. This is a true engineering marvel! Hurray!!!!...

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