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Our patent-pending
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  • Manufactured using heat and acid resistant materials as well as being food grade. BPA free and FDA approved materials
  • The device consists of 3 parts.
    • The "height adjuster" which allows you to set the height of your container's contents during fermentation and after canning process. It can be trimmed for non-standard sized jars. Sold seperately also.
    • The "Launcher"Is the part that resides allows you to insert complete system into the jar. It is removed once device is deployed to allow easier cleaning of ferment top.
    • Remove launcher and store for later use. To help reduce costs, we only send 1 launcher per "6-Pack Starter Kits" They are also sold seperately.
    • The "Plunger"It the part that will contact main jar sides on the way down in the jar. When it clears the neck of the bottle, it flares back out holding the contents under the liquid. It excerts much more pressure on jar contents than ANY traditionally used weight system! It can be trimmed to fit many jar sides. Sold seperately also.

Instructions for use:
  • Take the "Pickle*Pusher" from it's packaging and choose the size container you wish to can or ferment in.
  • Insert the height adjuster into the plunger and give a slight twist of whole unit while holding the adjuster and it will lock into place
  • Insert pre-assembly from above into the "Launcher" from the bottom [with rim on top]
  • Insert complete assembly into jar and adjust adjustment bar to correct height before adding contents.
  • Fill container with brine or vinegar to within 1/2" of container maximum height and proceed with fermenting

This device is the backbone of our system. It is unique in that it serves many purposes during the fermentation process. People have reported to us that their success rate even for their rookie status was nearly that of their veteren friends! All delighted in the reduced labor by fermenting and processing in the same container.
Using our system does save time money and also turns out a much more eye appealing product in the process. Also it will increase the refridgerator shelf life of your opened jars as well by adjusting the height adjuster and forcing the remaining contents back under the remaining liquid. Floaties beware!

Pickle*Pusher Fermenting System

SHort video showing how to use the Pickle*Pusher Fermenting System

Posted by Ultimate Pickle Jar System on Friday, April 1, 2016
Pickle*Pusher used on 1/2 gallon Ball jar

A short video showing just what the Pickle*Pushing No_Float Jar*Packer can do. IF you can find something that will work like it .. let us know!

Posted by Ultimate Pickle Jar System on Friday, April 1, 2016
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