The New SS Prepper : A guide to Retirement Preparation

Retirement preparation:

As fearsome as this symbol once was, in this application the symbol stands to remind us of an important time in some of our lives and helps us in retirement preperation
A fearsome symbol this once was.  A reminder that we all live in a world influenced by greed, unrest and the lust for power.

What you are seeing with the old WW2 symbol is just a  play on words to get your attention about  the subject of retirement preparation. It is an event that will eventually effect each and everyone of us lucky enough to reside in the USA and reach the age of:


Hence the SS connotation. This site’s name and the nefarious nazi group share only one main thing and that is the first letters of their names.

That is the last you will hear or see the nasty and evil symbol on this site. It has served it’s purpose and that was to get your attention.

We will all reach that magic age or at least that is the plan. We will hopefully live out our life with the dignity of one who put in their time and helped our country grow and remain safe. We have paid our dues and sadly the program has been raped and pillaged and we have less buying power now than was initially planned for us to have. Here you will find suggestions and solutions for some of the problems that will face us when this landmark event takes place.

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR THOSE WHO ARE OVERLY POLITICAL AND OTHERWISE A LITTLE LACKING IN THE SOCIAL GRACES: This site is not connected to , with or is a part of any Nazi or nazi type group. Sheesh........ If you do not accept that fact then please move on. While we are on a political subject, think of this... The Nazi SS used young dissatisfied and impatient citizens [the Brown shirts and Hitler Youth] to control the population and enforce it's doctrine. The US Social Security Program now faces such an attack from a young dissatisfied and impatient type citizen who feel that the old folks are a burden.. So I guess maybe the 2 "SS" groups do have a little more indirectly in common after all 🙁

Become an “SS Prepper” today. It just makes sense.

Topics covered will include food preservation,  growing a small garden,  healthy foods, shoestring budgeting,  cutting utility costs,  starting a home business or anything that can keep our lives as productive and rewarding as it was before SS

There is no need to panic but the change can be pretty hard on a person mentally, financially and physically. Retirement can come upon you in unexpected times and ways as well.

This is a work in progress , so please please post comments and suggestions when you feel them appropriate

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As fearsome as this symbol once was, in this application the symbol stands to remind us of an important time in some of our lives and helps us in retirement preparation

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1 thought on “The New SS Prepper : A guide to Retirement Preparation”

  1. Found your blog, can’t wait to get some time here to check it out and do some reading.
    We can never learn enough about prepping unless we read and learn, then we share our thoughts and I ideas!
    I truly fear that the time is near and we all had better do our best to be prepared!

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