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Shop now at our online web store for all your fermenting needs. We have fermentation lids, 3 piece airlocks, fermenting kits, high quality FDA bree food safe silicone gaskets and grommets and the patented new weightless fermentation weight replacement we call the Pickle*Pusher! Solidly designed and built to deliver a lifetime of use in your fermenting efforts. You will enjoy more success and more enjoyment using our systems! We strive to always give the most value for your hard earned dollar! Give us an opportunity to prove this!

Meet the Pickle*Pusher weightless fermentation weight replacement which is the heart of our systems! Engineered to develop over 4.5 pounds of holding power to effectively hold your ferment’s contents under the protective brine.

Can your fermenting weight do this? Bet it can't! Shop Now
Can your fermenting weight do this? Bet it can’t!

How to use the pickle*Pusher. Shop Now
The Pickle*Pusher is so easy to use!

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We are dedicated to the promotion of small batch home fermenting regardless of how you decide to do it! Our product line is growing all the time as our research and development team works non-stop bringing much needed innovation to this actively reviving art that we have grown away from due to our society's introduction to processed foods! Many thanks to Sandor Katz for his vision, foresight and dedication in helping us re-discover fermenting.

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