Ultimate Pickle Jar

6 Pack of Pickle-Pushers mason jar fermenting weights only


Quoting Steven Sxxxxx <sxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com>:

> I recently placed Order Number 424 and I'm looking forward to
> receiving and using your product!
> I'm writing this email to tell you how impressed I am with your
> honest company - you refunded $1.50 in shipping costs to me. You
> could have easily not refunded that money and I would be none the
> wiser. However, the fact that you did so did not go unnoticed and it
> tells me I made the right choice in choosing your product and company.
> As above, I'm looking forward to my (much improved, thanks to your
> product) fermenting. And when I have the opportunity, I plan to
> recommend the Pickle Pusher and ultimatepicklejar.com to everyone
> that I can.
> Thanks again.
> -Steve
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