Pickle*Pushing No-Float Jar*Packer

  • Our patent-pending

    "Pickle*Pushing No-Float Jar*Packer"


      Manufactured using acid and salt resistant BPA free FDA approved silicone and food grade 316 stainless steel materials. The device consists of 3 parts . It will allow you to hold the contents of your fermenting or canning jar below the surface of the brine without bothersome weights. It will perform this taks at many times the holding power of traditional weight systems! It also extends storage life by doing the same in the refridgerator once your jar is opened.

    • The "height adjuster" which allows you to set the height of your container's contents during fermentation, and during storage as well as after your jar is opened. It is made from 316 stainless steel free of lead and cadmium and fraded FDA approved for fodd useage. Sold seperately also. As our product line matures there will be a complete set of adjustable rods to fit all possible containers. Please support our effort to accomplish this task by telling your friends and family.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Adjusting the height adjuster upwards and using our lids, allows the adding of additional pressure to the contents by the lid without interfering with the airlock system. NO WEIGHT SYSTEM can come close to the power our unit puts out in keeping contents where they should be!

    • The "Launcher" This unit forces the fins on the plunger to collapse until placed on jar where it allows easy entry for the plunger to expand once it is past the jar mouth and neck . It is removed once plunger assembly is deployed . It is made of BPA free plastic and FDA approved materials. If by popular demand , a stainless steel alternative is desired, it will be put into concideration for production and offered for sale at cost.
    • Remove launcher and store for later use. To help reduce costs, we only send 2 launchers per "6-Pack Starter Kits" They are also sold seperatly.
      • It is possible to use the "Pickle* Pushing No-Float Jar*Packer" without the launcher if you are being frugal !

    • The "Plunger" is the part that the adjuster fits thru and compresses the contents in the jar when inserted with launcher and is injected into fermentation jar. It excerts 10X the downward force that traditional weights are able too excert. It has a screen built into it for easy CO2 movement and ease of draining. This allows ONLY the smallest of particles to reach the liquid's surface . It's low profile design makes cleanup of any developed "skim" or mold a snap as nothing in in the way to prevent contact with the brine ! Also keep in mind that no presently used weight system can come close to the holding power of our unit. Even the most prone to float veggies will stay below the brine. It is constructed of FDA food grade silicone BPA free overmolded onto 316 stainless steel. It will last a long time and is inert in foods and acid or salt environments.

  • Instructions for use

    • Take the " Pickle*Pushing No-Float Jar*Packer from it's packaging and choose the size container you wish to can or ferment in .
    • Insert the height adjuster into the plunger .
    • Insert the assembly above into the launcher .
    • Insert preassembly from above onto the jar . Give the whole unit a slight push downwards to allow the plunger to leave launcher and gain contact with the jar neck .
    • Adjust the bottom of the height adjuster to touch the bottom of the jar while allowing the "flange" or "ribs" or "flaps" on plunger to fully extend after leaving the jar's neck . Make sure the height adjuster is fully seated in the plunger.
      • It is possible and the choice of many to not use the height adjuster while fermenting as the plunger is very capable of maintaining pressure on the jar contents. Others adjust the height adjuster to make contact with the jar lid to add further pressure to contents. Also once contents are partially fermented or ready to process , it is easier to fully deploy the adjuster thru harder type vegetables.
    • Fill container with brine or vinager to within 1/2" of container maximum height . Choose an airlock system and install into the lid if you are fermenting .


  • The "Pickle*Pushing No-Float Jar*Packer" is the backbone of our system. It is unique in that it serves many purposes during the fermentation and storage periods while removing most of the problems normally encountered. Rookies have reported to us that their sucess rate was nearly that of their veteren friends and all delighted in the reduced labor and spoilage by fermenting and processing in the same container. Using our system does save time money and also turns out a much more eye appealing product in the process. It will dramatically increase the refridgerator shelf life of your opened jars as well by adjusting the height adjuster and forcing the remaining contents back under the remaining liquid. Floaties beware!